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App developers who have best-in-class skills and proven track record of expertise in developing mobile apps utilize a wide range of android development tools in order to explore unlimited product development possibilities.

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If you have a unique app idea in your mind and would like to get it transformed into reality with an Android app development company to help you in the process, then Appinventiv is an ideal choice. Appinventiv is one of the fastest growing companies for Android application development. So far as the mobility space is concerned, Android remains the clear favourite among businesses, occupying 78% of the total market share.

Android app development needs an in-depth knowledge on application framework, Linux kernel and libraries for Android app development. The experts at Appinventiv can provide the best of business-centric, expedient and revenue generating applications, quickly learning the changes in the technological advancements related to Android app development.

We ensure that the apps that are developed are rigorously tested on simulators and subsequently ported across a range of mobile devices. Our tech savvy Android app developers make it sure to produce the custom solutions for your esteemed business. We develop some of the most engaging Android apps with the best-in-class user experience.

Why Choose Our Android App Development Services

Our certified Android App Developers, UI/UX designers and the mobile strategists have the most extensive experience in handling the projects across several verticals. The brainy professionals use the comprehensive set of development tools for apps, scalable across multiple devices and robust mobile apps that are user-friendly and feature-rich.

Our clients can attain a competitive edge through affordable Android app development services, adopting modern methodologies, technologies and strategies.

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Benefits of Android App Development Services

You can now harvest the benefits from our feasible Android App Development Services and these are:

Low Requirement for Investment

The open source nature of the Android platform makes it accessible to the Android app developers with free software development kit (SDK). Javascript is a platform that can be quite easily mastered. The platform can develop some of the feature-packed apps at affordable cost, for achieving higher ROI.

Security is Critical

Google has left no stones unturned, as it has incorporated the security measures across entire span of Android platform. Address space layout customization has made it impossible for malware to detect the data structures for the purpose of code execution.

Market Fragmentation

Fragmentation often poses as an upheaval challenge for the app developers, but this helps to generate a higher mass market appeal, as the platform is beneficial for empowering a wide range of devices.

Easy Customization

It is possible for the Android app developers to develop intricate functionalities in the apps, using the versatile nature of the Android platform, with easy customization. The platform perfectly serves the purpose of designing for meeting a wide variety of business requirements.

Hardware Compatibility

Android apps can run successfully across a variety of mobile devices with varied configurations. So, irrespective of the devices used, they provide the best in performance levels.

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