mHealth Apps: Redefining the Healthcare Industry

mHealth Apps: Redefining the Healthcare Industry

Yesterday, I was reading about Arab Health 2018 – the healthcare exhibition where 8,000 professionals demonstrated their innovative healthcare product and services (smart watches, telemedicine technologies, healthcare apps, etc.). While reading, I realized how dynamically mobile applications and technologies have transformed the healthcare industry.

There was a time when we used to rush towards the nearest clinic or ask a neighbour for help in case of sickness. Traveling abroad was not a happy thing as we, many times, struggled to find doctors, clinics, and pharmacy in the newer city, especially when unfamiliar with the place and language. And now- seems like our lives have taken a 180-degree turn.

Whether we are in our office, somewhere on a pleasant beach or at the highest peak of a mountain – we can get health care services anytime and anywhere – all thanks to mobile innovations and our government’s initiatives for revolutionizing the healthcare sector.

mHealth: A Crucial Ingredient of Healthcare Industry

Despite having highly-qualified healthcare professionals, advanced treatment facilities and ultra-modern arrangements, there was a fine line between the patients’ expectations and healthcare organizations’ achievement in terms of communication. This communication gap is bridged by healthcare mobile applications.

Healthcare Apps

The rising predilection of smartphones and smart devices has introduced an eternal inclination towards digital healthcare solutions. The mobile apps in the healthcare sector have set a new level of experience; leveraged all the associated individuals – may it be a patient, a doctor, a pharmacist or the hospital authority – with a wider array of facilities; making the experience better than never before.

Curious to know how every individual can use the app for their needs?

Let’s take a sneak peek at different benefits of healthcare apps for patients, professionals and other people in the industry:

Perks of mHealth Apps to Patients

Many times, due to heavy traffic, busy schedules or some other reason- we struggled to remain stick with our ongoing medical consultations. The process was troublesome, complicated and diseases remain secluded. However, it has become simple, hassle-free and cost-effective with the introduction of digital mediums like mobile apps.

Now, the patients need not run to doctors and hospitals for getting the status of their medical reports and collect them, ask for post-instructions every time, and so on. They can get a notification if their reports are ready or not, and can access their medical reports on their phone, and get a reminder of their medicines. In fact, there are a wide range of apps for medicine information and delivery; they keep a record of their medicines, notify when medicines are about to finish and even request the pharmacist to deliver medicines at their door.

Healthcare apps for patients
Besides, with the help of healthcare mobile application, the patients can book (or reschedule) their appointment, communicate with health professional via messaging/chat or conference call (phone call/video call) whenever they have any doubt. In other words, they can get access to all the services in their comfort zone.

Want some real examples?

One of the most popular apps in UAE for patients is MyMedicNow. The mobile app is in accordance with UAE National Innovation Strategy, introduced by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – the Vice president and Prime Minister of UAE and ruler of Dubai.

The app provides a unique approach to finding and interacting with doctors. It allows the patients to search for doctors and hospital nearby them based on condition, symptom and diseases. The patients can go through the doctor’s information, book an appointment, and much more efficiently via this app.

Another app redefining the healthcare industry in Dubai is MD 24-7. Licensed by DHA (Dubai Health Authority) and Dubai Healthcare City,  the healthcare mobile application integrates the ultra-modern telemedicine, telemonitoring and home health to deliver immediate access to top-qualified licensed doctors, talk to the health experts via voice/video call, live chat and on-site doctor visits as well. Once the consultation is done, the prescribed medicines are delivered to the patients, which means they need not worry about buying medicines as well.

Perks of mHealth Apps to Medical Professionals

The mHealth applications have not only assisted doctors to provide 24×7 consultation to their patients but have equipped them with a wide range of solutions. The mobile apps for healthcare professionals helped them to access real-time patient data and consult the patients. They can check the number of consultations they have in a day, can examine the patient medical history and prepare for the consultation. The doctors can communicate with other doctors from any part of the world; which is really beneficial in case of remote healthcare services.

Healthcare apps for Doctors
Apart from these, there are numerous healthcare apps for Android and iOS devices using which doctors can remain updated with the latest news related to UAE healthcare industry and around. They can train themselves using the mobile applications integrated with the latest technologies and thus, provide better healthcare experience to all. Also, they can share their location with the visitors easily, helping them to reach their clinic/hospital effortlessly.

Perks of mHealth Apps to Administration

Healthcare applications are also bringing a phenomenal change in the way hospitals, pharmacy and clinics operate. The healthcare apps are helping the hospital administrators to keep track of all the activities happening in the building. Due to a single and secure database accessible to all the authorized professional, the commonly found errors can be eliminated. It is easier to check which doctor/staff member is free and utilize the resources well; making the workflow efficient and profitable. All the payment records are made on the cloud, making it convenient for the administrators to find which payment is done and how. Thus, the risk of fraud is also reduced.

With applications developed by the best healthcare app developers, one can keep control on the inventory use, drug order, execute compliances like HIPAA, monitor the whole process, etc. In a nutshell, they can regulate everything and do a profitable business hassle-free.

As the healthcare applications are offering extensive offers to healthcare professionals and patients, it is vital for the healthcare providers to embrace the mobile technology as a vital ingredient for enhancing the performance of their practices.

So, have you made your mind?

If you are interested in getting your own healthcare app and wish to know how to find the right healthcare app partner, continue reading…..

How to Hire the Right mHealth App Development Company?

Finding the right healthcare app development company in Dubai is far more important than having an app idea. As discussed in one of my previous articles, the decision of hiring an app partner can make or break your presence in the mobile market.

There is surplus of mobile app developers in the market, with all giving themselves the title of the best healthcare application developers in UAE. If you contact a certified experienced mHealth app development agency, your experience will be amazing and business will be skyrocketed. While on the flip side, you might fail to enjoy the desired outcomes.

To ensure that your money and efforts do not go in vain, keep the following factors into consideration while hiring a company:

  • Market Presence
    If you google or ask someone about the reputed medical app developers in UAE, there’s a higher probability that you might find different answers. This might confuse you more. The best escape from this situation, according to me, is to search on the top platforms that list down the finest healthcare app developers of the world, such as AppFutura, Clutch, and GoodFirms.
  • Experience and Exposure
    It’s always good to find the app development agencies who have already done some project in the healthcare arena. This will help you in the long run since they will be acquainted with your niche market needs, trends and challenges, they will guide you in launching the right product.
  • Portfolio and Clients’ Feedback
    By looking into their portfolio, you can get to know the kind of healthcare apps they have developed. With that in mind, you can decide if they will be able to turn your app idea into reality or not.
    Likewise, connecting with their previous clients will help you to know the professionalism they show in the project and will assist in getting relevant answers to various questions hitting your head, like: Do they deliver app on the deadline? Is there any hidden cost? What about the quality of the app developed? What is the mode of communication?
  • Communication Level
    When talking about designing a health app, it is necessary that the company maintain proper communication with you. If a company or developer denies talking during the app development process, better not to hire them.There are various factors like market trend change, due to which you might feel to make some changes in your app development process. In this scenario, communication can help. Moreover, when you are in touch throughout, you know how much development process is done and on what budget. This aids in ensuring that your application is as per your needs, market trends, and your budget.
  • App Development cost
    Many people lure to get the lowest quote for app development. But, my question is: What is the use of saving money on mobile app development, if the designed Healthcare application couldn’t satisfy your needs? What is the purpose of building a health app if it is nothing but a waste of money?I’m not asking to spend your whole savings in app development (you should not, ever). But, it is always better to determine the cost of app development according to the features and platforms you want. More the features and technologies integrated into the development process, higher will be the app cost. Likewise, the platform you choose also have an impact on the costing. So, analyze and invest.

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Follow the aforementioned steps and find the right app development company for your healthcare app needs. You can also discuss your app idea with our healthcare app development experts to find out an ultimate solution to bring your doctors and patients together.


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