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Top Rated Android App Development Company in Dubai

Android undoubtedly is the market leader when it comes to app development. Almost 75% of the overall smartphones in the world run Android OS. It is obvious that Android is the first choice among various businesses whether it’s big or small when it comes to mobile app development.

Being a top rated mobile app development company in Dubai, we help worldwide businesses by developing and deploying top-notch android apps to keep them ahead of the curve. We at AppInventiv create awesome and out of the box Android apps and have helped a number of businesses to achieve their dreams. Our project managers and team leads know Android platform like the back of their hands and they leave no stone unturned to provide you with the best possible product. We also have a dedicated team of business analysts who master the concept of ‘MVP’ i.e., minimum viable product for startups who are low on budget.

Our development process is dynamic yet simple. It starts with wireframing, app design documentation, getting the designs ready, programming, testing of the app and at last the deployment. When the project starts, our business analyst does a detailed discussion with the client and makes a draft of all the points. Post this, our designers start their work and the best thing is, on each and every step, the client is updated. Post the final approval of design from the client end, the programming part begins.

We understand the fact that Android is the fastest growing mobile OS platform and that’s the reason why the demand of Android app development company is on the rise in Dubai as well. Dubai is one of the fastest growing IT hubs in Asia and we at AppInventiv are proud that we have developed a number of top-notch products for our clients in Dubai. AppInventiv has all the required skillset and infrastructure and we are known for the timely delivery of the projects.

Client satisfaction is always our top priority and we never ever compromise on the quality of the product. Whether the project is low or high budget, our dextrous and energetic team members put their heart out to create the best possible product. We have more than 150 tech nerds on our board who strive day and night to create out of the box and innovative products for our clients. We are proud to say that we have developed more than 250 mobile applications across various domains that include but not limited to health, taxi, entertainment, on-demand delivery, event etc.

Rozy Lewin
Rozy Lewin is a Marketing Executive at Appinventiv whose main motive is to continually increase brand awareness to drive business results. She also keep herself updated with the latest industry trends to provide business intelligence to the company.

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