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We, at Appinventiv, understands the importance of data privacy and are committed to safeguarding your personal information. We assure you that your sensitive data will solely be employed for serving you with exceptional services; we are strictly against selling or sharing personal data with marketers and other third parties.

When you trust us with your data, we find it our responsibility to clearly define about the information we gather and ways we use it for rendering you an unparalleled experience.

Information We Collect

By personal information, we mean the data that may be helpful to identify an individual, such as name, email address, physical address, location, device information, contact information, etc.

Sources We Rely On

We collect your personal details via Internet access logs. When you visit our website, your browser’s domain, Internet address, location, cookie data and other such information is automatically saved in our Internet access logs.

Besides, we also consider which pages or sections you visit, how much time you spend, what actions you take, etc.

Ways We Employ Your Information

From the information gathered, we strive to understand your needs, expectations and ways we can help you out. In other words, we learn what kind of content should be presented to you and how - so as to make your experience better.

Data Security Compliances We Follow

Though the legal agreements and laws vary from region to region, we abide to follow the globally applicable compliances and policies like HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), European Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems (the NIS Directive), and PoPI (Protection of Personal Information) Act to protect your data. We strive to obey the principles introduced in this Online Privacy Policy even when sharing your information with your country or some other party won’t put your privacy at a higher risk.

In short, our aim is to assure you that your security comes first in every action we take; we will safeguard your personal details - no matter where that information is gathered, transferred or preserved.

Third Party Links on Our Website

Our site contains links to websites owned by third parties only for your convenience and aid you with useful information. If you click on those links, you are redirected to the sites which are not under the control of Appinventiv. We are not responsible for their content or availability.

In other words, Appinventiv makes no representations, express or implicit about those linked sites - the third parties operating them, the information they contain, the quality of their products or services.

Circumstances under which we might unveil your information
  1. We would share your personal information with our trusted partners under strict confidentiality agreements to offer notable services.
  2. We would disclose your information to legal authorities so as to investigate and impede fraud, illegal and other activities involving potential threats. We would respond with your data in case required by law.

Although we use your data for making our services meet your requirements, you can decide what type of data we gather and use.

How? Well, we use your browser’s cookies to access your overall site visit statistics but if you don’t want us to track your activities, you can simply disable them by changing your browser settings. We respect your decision every time.

Disclosure of Content

The technology, services and other content specified in the site may be the matter of intellectual property rights reserved by Appinventiv or other third parties. Nothing described here shall be interpreted to clients by any mean - by implication, estoppel, or by using the title of/to any intellectual property right of Appinventiv.