UI/UX Design

"Mobile app design is what makes your app successfully. why not make it Exceptional?"

UI/UX Design

With extensive number of mobile apps emerging in the marketplace, alluring designs and prominent user-interfaces are crucial to entice users towards your mobile apps. Mobile UI plays a crucial role and is believed as one of the most important parts for mobile apps as various devices are available in the market.

Offering User-centric Mobile Ui Designs With Features
  • Captivating Designs for mobile apps
  • Enduring impact on app users
  • Prolific user interface integrity

While designing an app, we use ground-breaking tools including HTML5, CSS3, Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Coraldraw, and other latest trending tools in the marketplace. User interface for mobile apps is one of the gruelling tasks to design because it requires complete compatibility among devices depending on their screen sizes, graphics, resolutions and other views. Here at AppInventiv, we imbibe all those conditions while designing UI/UX for mobile and tablets.

Why Choose Appinventiv?
  • Efficient manpower with proficient professionals
  • Expertise of mobile UI designing for 300 + apps
  • iOS and Android insights to amplify designing process
  • User-centric theme and icon design specifications
  • User-centric theme and icon design specifications
  • Cost-effective with quality work

We strive to bridge the gap between the apps and users with the user-centric UIs.

Our Award-winning Design Approach

We know that UI/UX design can be the differentiating factor that can result into user delight or user dismay. That's why we hire wisely and have a award-winning team of mobile designers that are adept in designing user-centric mobile designs. Before start designing an app, we analyze an app idea thoroughly and find How does it feel? How do real humans interact with it? And, what can hook them?

At AppInventiv, we imbibe Design-first & Develop-second approach. Today, where most of the mobile app development companies talk about great engineering and enticing design — but only few actually deliver. AppInventiv has topped the list of best mobile app development companies that do amazingly well. Our designing process starts with building a strategic vision for our client's project. Our strategy and ideation experts enable us to focus on the key factors that includes challenges, requirements, the user persona and business objectives, among others.

 Award-Winning Design Approach

User-centric Designs

Our user-centric design approach manages the subtleties of visual design, thus making every key element communicate the message. We help you create awesome software experiences blending user psychology with modern design trends. And, we leverage easy information architecture and design principles to offer intuitive and inspiring user engagement. We have a team of mobile app designers who are adept in offering high-end designing services like Architectural 3D Modeling, 3D Rendering Exterior & Interior, 2D Illustration and 3D animation.

Mobile Responsive Design Is The Need Of The Hour

In recent years, mobile responsive design has become one of the crucial factors in ensuring that your company website or e-commerce gets maximum exposure. A mobile responsive or mobile-friendly website is always capable of capturing the attention of an ever-growing chunk of mobile users. And, that's why here at AppInventiv, we are proficient in designing responsive mobile app designs that is capable of attaining user's attention across all the major platforms and technologies including Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Wearables, iBeacons, Augmented Reality etc.


A mobile app that includes creative designs can quickly connect with the target audiences, spread the message across and influence user's behavior. Be it building a brand from scratch or reinforcing the brand’s identity, we at AppInventiv understand the connection between mobile and brand. And that’s why we are the choice of leading brands and emerging start-ups.

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